This is my first foray into blogdom. This will be a journal about my attempt to compete in a national bowling tournament. My goal every week is to give a report on my battle to reach a 170 bowling game. 170 has been my New Year’s resolution for the past two years – unsuccessful obviously. But I continue to persevere.

Interspersed with my personal game status will be posts about bowling trivia, bowling history, league bowling, bowling equipment and if you will excuse my poor drawing ability, a bowling cartoon. Hope you enjoy it.

I will post new articles on the blog.  Just click Blog at the top of the Home Screen.  If  you want to comment on a blog post just click the title of the post and it will show you a screen for your comments.  I’ve already gotten a lot of spam comments so I will have to approve the comments before they are visible on your screen.

Thanks.  I hope you enjoy my bowling blog.


I learned long ago that I have no athletic ability. None. A while back I found myself in Reno, Nevada at the same time as the National Finals Bowling Tournament. I discovered that a bowler did not have to qualify to compete! Suddenly a dream was born. I could compete in a national sporting event. That is what I intend to do. This blog is dedicated to that dream, to the amateur bowlers young and old who crowd the bowling lanes across America and to the professional bowlers who make it look so easy.